The Top Tips for Preventing and Managing Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a common occurrence in today’s society. It is actually a feeling of heartburn which is caused by a disorder in a person’s esophagus. When the ring in the esophagus (sphincter) is irritated it allows food and stomach acid to backup into it. Although burning sensations may start in the chest area, it can move upward into the throat. Some people may belch these acid contents into their mouth which may also leave a very bitter taste.

Chronic irritation of the stomach acids can cause some scarring in the stomach walls, or worse it could cause an ulcer, especially if a person smokes or drinks alcohol. You can prevent or at least manage these acid reflux symptoms by doing a few simple things in their lives. These stomach acids are very corrosive and can cause an early development of tooth decay. So brushing your teeth regularly will also lessen your chances of having acid reflux.

What to Do

One of the first things a person should try to do; is to experiment with their diet to find out what types of food cause heartburn to flair up in them. It could be they just finished eating some very spicy food, or some sort of fruit, such as an orange or a grapefruit. If these things are causing the heartburn to start almost immediately, you should stop eating that type of food. This also goes along with other foods that you eat or drink, as some types of drinks do agitate the stomach acid.

Some people can find some results by changing their diets to low fat, or low carb diets. Also milk may cause the same acid reflux reactions, as they find out that they may be lactose intolerant.

It has been suggested that slimming down may reduce the risk of acid reflux, however, during this research many skinny people also may have an acid reflux disorder; some cases are even very severe. In this case one should try the above mentions techniques.

Stress is another factor in acid reflux. Many people suffer from stress due to their jobs, or pier pressure, and even an individual issue that they may have with themselves, such as having low self esteem.

What do Authorities Suggest

Some authorities on the subject of heartburn that they suggest that people should not lie down for three hours after eating, and then you should elevate your head. They also suggest that people exercise to ease heartburn, but you should choose easy exercises while you are experiencing acid reflux symptoms.

Always with any type of change in any part of your body for any reason; one should always consult with the best Gastroenterologist in Port St. Lucie to ask his opinions for what you would like to change. He may have other ideas that will help you as well. Some people may not be able to make some of these changes because of their health and they may already be on a particular diet that has been prescribed by the doctor.

I do hope that these tips will help you in your endeavor to solve your acid reflux symptoms.


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