Easy and Effective Acid Reflux Remedies

Home remedies and holistic medicines are often dismissed as unscientific and ineffective, but when it comes to treating acid reflux, there are a few simple home remedies that are almost sure to yield positive results

The first is rhubarb. Rhubarb is inexpensive and should be readily available at any local produce market. Chewing on a bit of rhubarb will cause one to begin salivating. The saliva coats the esophagus, quickly reducing the symptoms of heartburn. It also works quickly, making this an ideal way to treat the condition.

A similar solution, and one that is also cheap and easily attainable, is ginger root. Like rhubarb, ginger root forces your body to produce saliva, combating heartburn in much the same way as the rhubarb does. Simply chew on it or brew it into some sort of ginger tea. Ginger is also believed to have chemical properties that combat the buildup of acid reflux, so in that respect, it may work even better than the rhubarb solution.

A little research will make it obvious that there is real scientific evidence behind home remedies such as these, and that they should not be dismissed solely on one’s preconceptions regarding the effectiveness of holistic medicines. Both rhubarb and ginger root should prove quite effective in treating the symptoms of acid reflux, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t try both at once. Or just use whichever you find most delicious (or least revolting)! If you want remedies for acid reflux you should consult with the best¬†Gastroenterologist in¬†Okeechobee.


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