GERD and Heartburn Treatment in Florida

If you’re seeking GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) or Heartburn treatment in the West Palm Beach, Okeechobee, Fort pierce and Port St. Lucie area, then Dr. Vikram Tarugu will be able to provide effective treatment at a convenient, locally located clinic in your area!  GERD and Heartburn are conditions effecting millions of people and solutions aren’t always so simple and a remedy often times requires intervention by an experienced doctor with years of experience in the field.

Dr. Tarugu, a 20+ year experienced Gastroenterologist currently servicing the South Florida region is a renowned and well respected doctor within the medical community with multiple awards and recognitions.  Understanding the doctor’s experience is an important aspect to consider prior to choose a medical professional for an appointment and with Dr. Tarugu having received multiple awards it’s no wonder that patients suffering from GERD & Heartburn are seeking his treatments for these conditions (Dr. Tarugu has successfully treated over 4,000 patients in his 20+ years in the medical field).

Before getting into the treatment provided, we’re first going to cover what exactly GERD is (and its causes) in addition to providing some information on Heartburn.  We’ll also provide information on possible treatment plans that may be suggested and/or conducted for your condition(s).

What’s GERD?

Medically known as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, GERD is a disorder/issue located within the digestive system which directly causes adverse effects to the lower esophageal sphincter (or “LES” for short).  This is the area of muscle between the esophagus and the stomach and GERD which can become painful in some cases.  While more prominent in pregnant women, heartburn can be caused by this condition in addition to acid indigestion.

While “some” cases can be treated or cured through simple diet or lifestyle related changes, more mature or severe cases can require the intervention of the treatment(s) provided by Dr. Tarugu has surgery may be required to treat the issues you’re going through.

Gastroesophageal Reflux refers particularly to the esophagus and the stomach with the word “reflux” technically meaning “to return”.  So quite literally, Gastroesophageal Reflux is referring to the return of the acids or content within the stomach back up to the esophagus (much like the effect of throwing-up).

In individuals who don’t have GERD, the “lower esophageal sphincter” (LES) is what prevents the content of the stomach from coming back up but for patients suffering from GERD the “lower esophageal sphincter” is weaker and it’s because of this that acid (or whatever’s in the stomach) comes back up from the stomach to the esophagus.

The treatment(s) recommended by Dr. Tarugu are going to vary based on the severity of your situation.  This decision will be based by Dr. Tarugu after your appointment and analysis which will be determined on the severity of how dysfunctional the “lower esophageal sphincter” is.

Does Hiatal Hernia affect the weakness of the LES?

Over the years, doctors and medical professionals have stated that Hiatal Hernia (a medical condition that when present pressures and pushes the stomach up “through” the diaphragm muscle) can weaken the “lower esophageal sphincter” which would indirectly result in Gastroesophageal reflux disease.  This muscle that the stomach is pushed towards is the area of muscle that separates the abdomen from the chest and Hiatal Hernia can cause quite some pain within this area.

What are the signs of Heartburn?

Many times, patients suffering from Heartburn automatically assume that the discomfort is somehow associated with heart disease (or other heart related issues) however this isn’t something to become worried about from the start.  First, if you have a tendency to exercise often and tend to feel pain/discomfort after exercising then it’d probably be a good idea to take a short break from physical activities and schedule an appointment with Dr. Tarugu (one of the best West Palm Beach Heartburn treatment doctors).

There are a couple of differences when it comes to pain that are worth noting.  If you’re experiencing pain after exercising (or during), stop immediately as the movement from your exercise could be aggravating pain that’s caused by heart disease.  Typically, pain from Heartburn isn’t aggravated from physical related activities so if this is something you’re experiencing you may have a more serious condition that will need to be tended to for treatment/care.

If you have any of these Heartburn Symptoms below, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tarugu:

  • If you’re experiencing any type of pain within your chest area (regardless of how severe the level of pain is), be sure to contact Dr. Tarugu for an appointment as pain within this area is something that needs to be checked as quickly as possible.  While chest pain in general could be a sign of a serious issue, if pain is more severe particularly after lying down or bending over then you should see Dr. Tarugu immediately so the issue(s) can be determined and a treatment plan can be implemented.
  • If you have a burning sensation in your throat area whether it be hot, salty or pain then you should schedule an appointment at Dr. Vikram Tarugu’s clinic so a screening can be done so conditions can be isolated or confirmed.  As always, any abnormal pain, regardless of how sever, could be a sign of a severe issue so don’t let pain go unattended.
  • If you’re having a difficult time swallowing or have abnormal pain when swallowing liquids (or foods/solids), this could be a sign of Heartburn and should be checked immediately by the doctor.
  • The next symptom is experienced by many individuals and it’s the occurrence (or in some cases the “sensation”) of food being stuck either in the middle of your throat or your chest.  While this could be the result of having a dry throat, this could be the result of Heartburn disease.  If this is something you’ve experienced, don’t hesitate or wait to have it check by Dr. Tarugu as in some cases this could be life-threatening if the food that gets stuck cannot be swallowed.
  • If you’ve experienced consecutive coughing, sore throats or hoarseness in your tone of voice, this could also be a sign of Heartburn.  Dr. Tarugu has treated these conditions for over 20 years and in one appointment can craft together an individualized treatment plan that will help to ease or remove the condition(s) you’re experiencing.

Before setting up your appointment with Dr. Tarugu, it’s important to notate any symptoms or pain that you’re experiencing as transparency will ultimately results in a better treatment plan.  Simply based off of providing these symptoms alone, Dr. Tarugu will be able to determine that you do in-fact have Heartburn although it’s always confirmed through testing before ruling it as a cause.

Other symptoms of Heartburn may include:

  • An unusual pain (often times sharp) with a burning sensation occurring under your ribs.  This is the area that pain is often times felt after jogging or running for a while which will give you an idea of the exact area.
  • The pain caused by Heartburn is usually pretty congested and by this I mean it usually doesn’t spread.  Typically, the pain does not spread to the arms, shoulders or neck (although in some cases it will).
  • Pain from Heartburn 99% of the time is initiated by one of four different actions and that’s pain induced from eating, after lying down in bed, after physical activities and anxiety.  Most people experience the pain after exercising although these are all activities/actions that can initiate the pain.  If pain is experienced after one of these then you may have Heartburn.  If you experience pain after having anxiety, after lying down or exercising, especially if the pain is consistent, an immediate counsel with Dr. Tarugu is highly recommended.

What Treatments or Cures will Dr. Vikram Tarugu suggest for Heartburn?

While cases vary from patient to patient (along with severity levels), the type of treatment will be determined upon your appointment/interview with Dr. Tarugu to determine the best route for treatment.  In some cases, treatment may be as simple as you being given antacids which will cure the occasional, non-severe heartburn condition although if the condition is more severe, more advanced forms of treatments may be necessary.

Other forms of treatment may include H2 blockers or a machine known as a “proton pump inhibitor”.  These types of treatments are often times used for patients who are experiencing pain that is both persistent and consistent as these are issues that require a more powerful treatment options (something that antacid wouldn’t resolve).

Primarily, Dr. Tarugu will ask you some questions in regards to the pain/symptoms you’re experiencing and will conduct a test to determine what exactly the issue is.  In most cases, you will simply be provided with a prescription strength medication that you will take on a schedule set by Dr. Tarugu.

Very rarely, surgery is required or conducted for the treatment of heartburn so this isn’t something that you should be too concerned about until you’ve attended your interview with Dr. Tarugu.  The main objective of Dr. Tarugu during your initial visit is to identify that the heartburn condition is present with the second objective being the identification of the “cause”.

Should you be prescribed medication by Dr. Tarugu for your Heartburn and the issues persist, what will more than likely occur is that a proton pump inhibitor will be used for treatment.  It’s a highly effective treatment method as the proton pump inhibitor quite literally reduces the acid production in the stomach which immediately will begin to ease the condition and symptom(s).

Aside from antacids and the use of a proton pump inhibitor, another form of treatment may be a prescription medication that will help to empty your stomach which will in turn help to rid the acid that’s produced by your stomach.

Start your GERD or Heartburn Treatment with Dr. Tarugu Today

Dr. Tarugu is one of the most respected Gastroenterologists in Florida with multiple medical community contributions and recognitions.  With over 20 years of experience and three awards that include the “Patients’ Choice Award”, the “On-time Doctor Award” and the “Compassionate Doctor Award”, you can be rest assured that you’re receiving the best West Palm Beach Heartburn treatment care.

Dr. Tarugu is passionate about healthcare, patient care and medical treatments and is known for his one-on-one consultations and interviews and takes the time to understand patients and their condition(s).