Build Up Your Immune System with Astragalus Root

Flu season is a good time to build up your immune system and Astragalus Root can help you build it up. It is a good immune booster if you have had chemo therapy recently or if you suffer from frequent illnesses like colds or flu. Astragalus root uses the bodies own abilities to rejuvenate and maintain good health. When you take Astragalus in pill or tea form every day you will stay healthier and have less illnesses.

The Astragalus plant

The Astragalus plant has an antibacterial and anti-inflamatory effect that can help boost your immune system. It also helps to eliminate fluid buildup in the body. You can take Astragalus root in a pill form or you can drink it as a tea. Astragalus root in tea form seems to work better but for some people it is easier to just swallow a pill. Astragalus in tea form tastes like drinking hot water. It has no bitter flavor in fact it has no flavor at all.

The Astragalus plant is a plant that is about 20-30 inches tall. It has hairy stems and pairs of leaves on each stem. The stem of the Astragalus plant can have between 12 and 18 pairs of leaves on it. The Astragalus plant makes a beautiful purpleish flower that is small and at the ends of the stems. Milk Vitch is another name for the Astragalus plant. It is a perenniel plant that means it comes back every year.

Where can you find the Plant

Astragalus plants are native in China, Mongolia and Korea. The Astragalus plant has been used as a healing herb since ancient times in the Orient. It is the root of the Astragalus plant that has the medicinal properties in it. The Astragalus root can be used in tea or in a pill form like a vitamin.

Astragalus root is also good for many other purposes like Anemia, Fatigue, colds, diarrhea, gastritis, influenza and fibromyalgia.

The tea made from Astragalus root is very clear and tasteless. You hardly know you are drinking anything that could be good for you. It seems like you are just drinking hot water. My son couldn’t believe that he was drinking anything that could help his immune system. He suffered from a continual cold but since he has been drinking Astragalus Root tea he has not had a cold. It has been months that he has drunk Astragalus Root tea and he has not had one cold. It works.You can find Astragalus Root in tea or pill form in your local health food store. Find out more about Astragalus Root at http://vitamins.ultimatefatburner/astragalus.

Stay healthier and feel better by drinking a cup of Astragalus tea every day. Or if you don’t like tea then you can take Astragalus in pill form. Take Astragalus every day for more energy and live a healthier life.


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