Ulcerative Colitis Support Groups

It has been proven through various studies and surveys that victims of certain diseases, tragedies or experiences can be helped through their ordeal by participating in a support group for people who have had similar experiences in life. Ulcerative colitis is yet another example of how support groups can be beneficial for those who suffer from the disease. Support groups are not only ways in which to learn about the disease and share experiences, but also a method through which patients can find outlets for the various emotional and mental strains that come with chronic disease, such as ulcerative colitis.

Chronic disease can create an open doorway for depression, fear and anxiety. Most doctors who specialize in the care of people with ulcerative colitis recommend counseling or participation in an ulcerative colitis support group.

Some doctors may not have information concerning ulcerative colitis support groups on file, but you can find that information on the Internet. Many people resist the notion of therapy or partcipation in an ulcerative colitis support group, but connecting with others and discussing your experience can be very beneficial. Even just talking with others who provide care for ulcerative colitis patients may help those who suffer from it. Similarly, patients who have dealt with ulcerative colitis for extended periods of time may be able to help those who have just been diagnosed, or who have questions about the disease from a sufferers’ standpoint.

The Crogn’s and Colitis Foundation of America is an organization that provides invaluable resources to the ulcerative colitis community, as well as facilitating support groups for people who are dealing with the disease. They also fund an enormous amount of research and help to educate patients and family members about ulcerative colitis. They currently boast a membership of more than 40,000 and worth through 42 chapters nationwide. Their website alone contains pages and pages of information concerning ulcerative colitis, and you can also use their website to connect with your local chapter and find out where support groups are held during the week. You can find out more about CCFA at www.ccfa.org.

Ulcerative colitis can be a frustrating disease and the ramifications of not dealing with those frustrations can further complicate one’s health. Although anxiety is not necessarily a cause or facilitator for ulcerative colitis, anxiety does diminish the overall health of an individual and inhibit the immune system. Liiving in depression and anxiety can slow down the healing processes instigated by the immune system, keeping an individual from feeling better.

While an ulcerative colitis support group will not rid an individual of the disease, together with the best doctor it will help to understand what is happening to the body and to come to terms with its effects.


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