Few Words About Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining, caused by a number of different factors, and damage can occur in forms of light to the lesion inflammation and ulcers in the stomach and duodenum. In any case, it is not a disease with which to reconcile and accept the situation as it is because the consequences of gastritis can be serious and far-reaching.

Symptoms and Causes

The symptoms of gastritis are abdominal pain or discomfort, weakened digestion, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

One of the causes of gastritis is the stress, stressful lifestyle, emotions that are not recognized, the manner in which we accept and embrace the emotions of our environment. Psychosomatics plays a major role in the etiology of gastritis.

The emphasis is, if it is gastritis, which has a psychosomatic basis, to alleviate the symptoms and not the permanent resolution of gastritis – it will permanently get rid of work on your emotions and purpose and help relaxation techniques (yoga, meditation, tai chi, and more)

Other Causes

Other causes of gastritis, but stress, modern medicine according to microbial infections (especially Helicobacter pylori), a long-term use of medication (usually nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-analgesics – aspirin, ibuprofen, ketonal and others).

Alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and fizzy drinks contribute to reinforce the symptoms as well as food that is difficult to digest with acid imbalance, expelled from the body creating balance too much stomach acid and the amount of them should be avoided.

In the event that confirmed the presence of H. pylori doctor will usually resort to antibiotic therapy, which takes at least 14 days and includes high doses of antibiotics and drugs that reduce stomach acid secretion (proton pump inhibitors).

Other drugs that alleviate symptoms include:

  • Antacid: calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide with aluminum salts
  • H2 receptor antagonists-ranitid, cimetidine, famotidine
  • Proton pump inhibitors-omeprazole

As far as food is best to turn to those foods that will not cause symptoms and is generally to foods rich in fiber and lean foods, prepared in olive or other cold pressed and unrefined oil, and not to enter a substance that may irritate the stomach. As each of us a world in itself so I will know the best food that suits him and which I therefore do not adjust your diet.


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