Online Resources for IBD

IBD in Cyberspace

If you haven’t surfed IBD on the web, there is a wealth of information that is both useful to take to your physician and for helping you cope with the disease. This web site offers information on several different topics. Point your browser to The site features a What’s New section and Interesting and Educational Material.

Crohn’s/Colitis Home Page ( This is a fun site “for info, solace and encouragement.” Users register and pose questions to each other on coping, medicines, treatments and a variety of other topics.

Teen Page ( This site, created for teens with IBD, features teens stories, what’s good and bad about living with IBD.

IBD Experiences Site ( This site features “FAQs, experiences, message board, research articles, and an IBDan column.”

The Crohn’s and Colitis Pharmacist ( Features links, facts and drug information.

Ostomy, Crohn’s, Colitis, Medicine and Related Links ( Features hundreds of links to other IBD-related sites.

Stadtlanders Focus Area ( This site features IBD related links and information.

IBD ( Compares ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Includes endoscopic pictures.

IBD List Digest: An e-mail list moderated by Thomas Lapp. He filters and collects all messages posted by subscribers then sends it out as one message to all subscribers. Point your browser to for back issues or for information on subscribing.

The Crohn’s and Colitis Pharmacist: If you are looking for information about specific medications, frequently asked questions, links to IBD sites, or information about clinical trials and medication news, point your browser to The Crohn’s and Colitis Pharmacist Web site contains a wealth of information about various drugs and remedies used to treat IBD, as well as a helpful diagram of the GI tract.

Don’t forget to visit the CCFA homepage at This site is full of useful information such as weekly updates, basic facts, complications, medications, diet, nutrition, fitness, day-to-day coping and insurance and legal issues.

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