Ulcerative Colitis Back Pain in Teens: Identification and Treatment

Back pain, of any type, can be a complication that plagues teens and often is associated with poor posture at school or associated with school athletics programs. If your teen is complaining of back pain symptoms, it is important to become familiar with the dynamics of this condition and to keep in mind that the condition may be related to a progressive disease of the intestinal tract.

Back pain symptoms can be quite misunderstood in teenagers. In adolescents who suffer from back pain complication, parents often dismiss the health complication as a pulled muscle or some condition related to growth and development. But, if your teen has a history of complications with the gastrointestinal tract, the condition may very well be related to an onset of ulcerative colitis back pain for which further treatment is necessary.

When suffering from ulcerative colitis, it is not uncommon for back pain to be one of the first symptoms that manifest. While pain can be directly related to abnormalities in the colon and intestines, some teens develop a back complication in response to poor posture while coping with the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. When your teen has a health history of GI complications, be sure to ask a specialist to evaluate your teen’s back pain complications as possible related to the colitis disorder.

If confirmed as suffering from complications associated with ulcerative colitis back pain, your teen’s doctor will usually recommend a course of treatment to minimize the complications of inflammation and reduce GI health issues. But, in addition to medications and diet to treat the ulcerative colitis, your teen may also need back pain treatment using medications, physical therapy, and even a massage therapy program.

Without proper treatment, your teen’s ulcerative colitis back pain can easily turn into symptoms that radiate to middle back pain symptoms and, ultimately, this can make even the simple daily living activities almost impossible. Be sure, therefore, that if your teen has a complaint of back pain, that all precautions are taken to rule out, or confirm, ulcerative colitis back pain as a possible culprit.


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