Understanding Colonoscopies and Preparing for Yours

The Colonoscopy  

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is an important procedure used to examine the lower part of the intestinal tract, the large intestine and rectal areas. The test is used to diagnose illness, obtain biopsies and remove polyps.

The instrument used in a colonoscopy is called a colonoscope, a hollow tube with lenses and a light. The colonoscope is inserted into the large intestine through the rectal opening, and advanced through the intestine. The colonoscopy should be performed in time frames recommended by the patient’s physician.

The colonoscopy is a simple outpatient procedure that lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. Patients are given a mild sedative to reduce their discomfort. Most patients remain awake during the procedure. Severe pain is unusual, but some patients may experience mild cramping sensations during the procedure.

Once the colonoscopy is over and sedative begins to wear off, patients can return home. Patients should remember to bring someone with them who can drive them home after the procedure.

Following the colonoscopy, patients may experience mild cramping. If a biopsy was takne, slight bleeding from the rectum and blood in the stool may occur. Patients may resume their normal diet and activities.

Preparing for the Colonoscopy

Patients must prep their colon before having a colonoscopy. The cleaner the colon, the better look the doctor can get to assess the patient’s condition.

There are three main options for bowel cleansing: Lytely products, Magnesium Citrate, and Fleets Phospho Soda. Some patients may experience vomiting or nausea from these products. The doctor will give instructions for obtaining one of these products and how to administer them.

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