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Heartburn: Are You Suffering from Acidity?

Acidity (or heartburn) is caused by acid in the stomach that refluxes back and irritates the oesophagus, and can flare up even further if left untreated.

You know you have acidity when…

If you have a burning feeling in the chest. If the food that you eat is regurgitated back in the mouth    If you have have bloating, sensation of gases in the abdomen    If you have have pain in the chest or abdomen which improves or worsens with meals

Acidity may cause chronic cough and even chronic hoarseness. Acidity or GERD (medical term for Acidity) is generally described by burning in the chest or stomach. A person should go to see the best doctor if acidity is worsening or occurs more than twice a week.

Food and Acidity: Overeating can cause pressure on the stomach, so can obesity, pregnancy, and smoking. Reflux symptoms are also worsened by common foods such as:

citrus fruits like leech, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, tangerine, kumquat, minneola, tangelo, lemon, orange and pummelo etc.    chocolate    drinks with caffeine or alcohol    garlic and onions    fatty and fried foods    mint flavorings    tomato based foods like spaghetti, salsa and chilli sauces, as well as pizza    spicy foods

There are various natural home remedies and herbal remedies are available to cure the acidity. And if we modify our food habits followed by natural treatment, one can get totally cured of acidity which we all wish for!


Vikram Tarugu

Dr. Vikram Tarugu is an award-winning Gastroenterologist with board certification earned from both the “American Board of Internal Medicine” and the “American Board of Internal Medicine Sub-Specialty in Gastroenterology“. Currently practicing in West Palm Beach & Okeechobee, FL. Dr. Vikram Tarugu is a proficient medical professional specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive health complications. With over 20 years of in-the-field experience, 2,000+ procedures conducted, and 4,000 patients treated; Dr. Vikram Tarugu has been recognized as one of the best GI doctors, not only in the state of Florida in which he practices, but nationwide.

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