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Medical Marijuana for Gastrointestinal Problems

Need for Medical Marijuana

The need to have medical marijuana for gastrointestinal problems arises when conventional medications fail to heal the problems. One reason could be the intensity of disorders which has grown to critical or chronic conditions. The second reason could be the maladjustment between the patient’s gastrointestinal GI) organs and the conventional medications and treatments.

Why Use Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

The gut (GI) organs consist of many endocannabinoid receptors. They are stated to be responsible for the key functions like motility, hunger signaling, and the interaction of the GI with the various types of microbial elements within the system.  Medical marijuana can activate the various receptors within every GI organ. The result is natural healing of the disorders and diseases.

There are several benefits of using medical marijuana for GI disorders.

  • The endocannabinoid receptors accept the ingredients without resistance
  • Experiments and the patients’ experience show little or no side effects
  • Healing and recovery initiates within a short time
  • Removal of indigested foods is smooth and swift
  • The natural increase in appetite and digestion rate

Marijuana for GI disorders

Gut Motility Problems

Gut motility is the primary and most important function of the GI system. The stretching and contraction of the GI tract push the food throughout the digestive tract.

Symptoms: nausea, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, etc.

Probable Causes: Stress is stated to be the main cause of motility problems which may result in abnormal motor action of the gut motility action. The growth of stress factors could be gradual in the initial stages. There could be a sharp rise in the disorder at times due to excess of alcohol, abnormal eating, trauma, and other medical conditions.

Probable Effects:  Prolonged constipation and diarrhea conditions could lead to critical stress on the motility tracts. It could lead to intestinal paralysis, spasms, and abdominal disorder, etc.

Suggested-Treatment:  Medical marijuana has an immediate and intensive impact on the tract muscles and lining. The active ingredients like the CBD, CBT, CBC, CBL, and others can reduce the stress levels on the digestive tracts. They also eliminate all the accumulated toxic elements from the tract. The two impacts relax the entire GI tract muscles and tissues.

The generation of digestive juices and the restoration of gut mobility can restore the GI back to its normal activities. The process could be gradual or fast, depending on the intensity of the motility problem.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Bowel movements are part of the GI system. They help in the smooth removal of solid waste from the human body. The contraction and expansion of the bowel walls are consistent and continuous in healthy conditions.

Symptoms: Constant abdomen pain, feeling of cramp, trapping of gas, constipation, blood in excretion, anus pain, etc.

Probable Causes:  excess of alcohol, intestinal inflammation, infections, stress, food-allergy, or a hormonal disorder.

Suggested-Treatment: Medical marijuana can reduce the immediate impact of alcohol by breaking it down into the basic ingredients. It is possible to reduce the content of alcohol in the blood to a considerable extent with CBD. Medical marijuana may have traces of THC apart from CBD. Though THC is stated to be a psychedelic stimulant, it can also play a prominent role in reducing the pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome. Your doctor will know the exact ratio of THC (if required) to be added to medical marijuana.


The rectum and anus have a complex network of veins, which connect to the interior of the mesenteric veins. They are responsible for the flow of blood from the intestines into the rectum. It is responsible for the smooth functioning of the rectum and anus. Hemorrhoid is a condition of the veins, which block the proper functioning of the rectum and the anus. The veins become too thin and it results in excess to chronic pain while excreting.

Symptoms: bowel movements leading to bleeding, anus swelling, persisting pain, inability to sit, constant feeling of bowel pressure, etc.

Probable Causes: continued constipation condition without proper treatment, infections, poor or no consumption of water, excess of alcohol without proper consumption of food, nervous instability, etc.

Suggested-Treatment: Use of medical marijuana can reduce symptoms like bleeding. It is due to the reduced stress on the anus veins. Now, they can expand and allow the smooth flow of blood. The stretching and compression of anus muscles will be without friction.

The most important effect could be the hydration of the rectus and anus parts. Hemorrhoid often results in dehydration of the rectum region. The disorder also eliminates many of the essential fluids required for the smooth function. CBD and CBC can restore the hydrated condition within a short time. Hence, the pain will reduce naturally.

The time for the entire process of healing and recovery depends on the intensity and stage of Hemorrhoid. Your doctor will know the exact dosage and duration of medical marijuana treatment.

Vikram Tarugu

Dr. Vikram Tarugu is an award-winning Gastroenterologist with board certification earned from both the “American Board of Internal Medicine” and the “American Board of Internal Medicine Sub-Specialty in Gastroenterology“. Currently practicing in West Palm Beach & Okeechobee, FL. Dr. Vikram Tarugu is a proficient medical professional specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive health complications. With over 20 years of in-the-field experience, 2,000+ procedures conducted, and 4,000 patients treated; Dr. Vikram Tarugu has been recognized as one of the best GI doctors, not only in the state of Florida in which he practices, but nationwide.

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