How to Use Herbs Such as White Willow and Slippery Elm Used to Manage the Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease

For years doctors and pharmaceutical companies have been prescribing and developing new drugs that are supposed to manage symptoms related to Crohn’s disease. The same results, however, can be obtained by utilizing safer and gentler natural cures in place of the drugs generally prescribed by most doctors. There are various herbs which have proven to be quite effective in managing the symptoms related to Crohn’s disease, in some cases ridding patients of the symptoms permanently.

Internal bleeding, a common problem with Crohn’s disease, could become extremely dangerous when not treated. Cayenne is one of the herbs quite useful in managing symptoms of the disease. The common cayenne pepper used to flavor dishes at the food table is sufficient in combating such bleeding. Cayenne, also called capsicum, can be obtained in the form of capsules at any herb or health store.

Another problem that we need to look at when trying to manage symptoms of Crohn’s disease is the inflammation of the inner surface of the intestine, bowels, and the digestive tract as a whole. Various herbs are available on this end, white willow being one of them that effectively reduces inflammation and pain.

Slippery elm is used to manage symptoms like diarrhea and inflammation. It coats the surface lining of stomach and bowels, and soothes inflamed regions. It is one of the herbs that successfully curbs diarrhea and acute discomforts associated with Crohn’s disease and normalizes stools, leading to a faster recovery of the patient.

One of the very hard-to-manage symptoms of Crohn’s disease, blockage of the intestines, which constricts the passage because of inflammation of tissue, can be treated by Slippery Elm as well. Herbal laxatives like Senna and Cascara Sagrada help, too.

Fistulas which have spread to adjacent organs like bladder, kidneys or vagina cause infections. It’s extremely important to manage symptoms such as these and curb it soon. Garlic offers an excellent solution as a mild but effective herb. A strong antibiotic as well as anti fungus herb, it can manage symptoms caused by bacteria in cases of Crohn’s disease.

Many naturopathic doctors, gastroenterologist¬†and other purveyors of alternative medicine believe that herbs are a safer and more sensible alternative for managing symptoms of Crohn’s disease effectively. They come with minimum side effects and are high in minerals, vitamins and nutrients as well; all of which are very much needed by a body trying to cope with Crohn’s disease. Please remember though, consulting a licensed medical doctor is the first step of any treatment regimen. The use of herbs and any other form of alternative medicine may not be right for everyone.


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