Endoscopic Ultrasound Procedure in West Palm Beach, Okeechobee, Fort pierce, Port St. Lucie

Residents in the West Palm Beach, Okeechobee county or treasure coast area, are now provided access to the effective care and treatment services provided by Dr. Vikram Tarugu.  If you’re in need of an Endoscopic Ultrasound then schedule an appointment and visit the medical office of Dr. Tarugu for an Endoscopic Ultrasound in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Dr. Tarugu, an experienced Gastroenterologist with experience in the medical field that exceeds 20 years with over 4,000 successfully treated patients provides top-notch care and procedures and is considered to be one of the most respected doctors in the state of Florida with three awards received for his contributions and passion for patient care/treatment.

What’s an Endoscopic Ultrasound?

An Endoscopic Ultrasound is a procedure conducted by Dr. Vikram Tarugu and is considered to be a minimally invasive assessment with the goals of identifying the presence of either digestive or lung related diseases.  During this procedure, Dr. Tarugu will make use of high-frequency sound waves which will result in highly detailed images that will later be assessed and analyzed to determine if there’s a presence of a disease.

These high-resolution and detailed images will capture areas including the lining/walls of your digestive tract/chest, your organs (liver and pancreas) and your lymph nodes.

This procedure is highly effective at locating various problems and diseases and Dr. Tarugu takes advantage of the most advanced equipment and technology within the medical field to provide the absolute best treatment possible.

Often times, an Endoscopic Ultrasound procedure will in conjunction, be used with another procedures known as fine-needle operation which allows Dr. Tarugu to perform a biopsy on both fluid and tissue drawn from the chest or the abdomen.

These two procedures are many times used together by Dr. Tarugu as it’s minimally evasive compared to exploratory type surgeries which makes the process much easier on the patient.

Dr. Tarugu wants patients to be at ease during their visits, procedures and surgeries and minimally evasive procedures are always considered first as a treatment option before more involved surgeries are used.

Why is an Endoscopic Ultrasound Procedure Conducted?

An Endoscopic Ultrasound, simply put, is conducted to determine the presence of diseases in the digestive tract and lungs and is a procedure that will determine to what extent the disease(s) have developed.  However, the first goal of an Endoscopic Ultrasound is to determine the causes of any symptoms that you’re experiencing so that a treatment plan can be put together to resolve the issue(s).

If issues are present and discovered, Dr. Tarugu will evaluate your condition(s) during the analysis of the CR scan or the MRI which will also be conducted by Dr. Tarugu as well.

Receiving an Endoscopic Ultrasound will help Dr. Tarugu to evaluate conditions that include:

  • Lymphoma
  • Barrett’s Esophagus
  • Colon Cancer, esophagus cancer, lung cancer, rectal cancers and pancreas/stomach cancer
  • Neuroendocrine Tumor/Cancer
  • Bile duct stones
  • Pancreatic Cysts and Pancreatitis
  • Sarcoidosis

There are many benefits of having Dr. Tarugu perform an Endoscopic Ultrasound.  Receiving a, EUS procedure will help Dr. Tarugu to:

  • Determine if the cancer has started to spread (or metastasized) other areas within the body including your lymph nodes (and other organs)
  • Analyze your condition to see which stage the cancer (if present) has matured to
  • Determine if the tumor has spread or penetrated the wall in your abdominal section in gastric, rectal, pancreatic, esophageal and lung cancer
  • Create an effective and personalized treatment plan since he’ll be able to accurately analyze the development and “stage level” of lung cancer cells
  • Analyze abnormalities and finding from the imaging results (an example of this is pancreatic cysts)
  • Drain abnormal fluid in the abdominal section (pseudocysts) while being able to guide the drainage
  • Administer treatment and medication in to the pancreas and liver (in addition to other organs) which will help in the rehabilitation process

Endoscopic Ultrasounds, a majority of the time are conducted on an outpatient basis and most patients undergo the procedure with no issues of discomfort.  Dr. Tarugu has been conducting Endoscopic Ultrasounds for years and has perfected the procedure to make it as comfortable as possible for patients.

Between the friendly staff of his medical office, years of experience and client treatment success, Dr. Tarugu is known for being the best Endoscopic Ultrasound procedural doctor in West Palm Beach.  While being located in Palm Beach, his treatments are available to all Florida-based residents and many patients travel from all parts of the state to take advantage of his medical services.

Coming prepared to your Endoscopic Ultrasound Procedure appointment

Preparation is an important part of receiving successful treatment and Dr. Tarugu during your visit will provide all of the information you’re going to need in order to be properly prepared for the Endoscopic Ultrasound.  During your interview with Dr. Tarugu, you may be provided with paperwork which will include information about the procedure or you may be presented with questions about your intake of certain medications.

During this sit-down with Dr. Tarugu, he may asked you to:

  • Stop eating prior to the Endoscopic Ultrasound being conducted.  You may be required to stop eating for a period of up to 24 hours prior to the procedure as your stomach will need to be clear of food before the procedure can be conducted.
  • Prepare your rectum for the appointment if you’re the Endoscopic Ultrasound is being conducted in the rectal area (or on the rectum).  Prior to the procedure, Dr. Tarugu may require you to take a laxative (this is typically a requirement and necessary for the EUS to be performed) in addition to the requirement that you stick to a liquid only diet before the Endoscopic Ultrasound.  These requirements are very important and it’s imperative that you stick to them so no complications arise.  If these requirements are violated, a rescheduling of your procedure may be required which would prolong your needed treatment so this is something you don’t want to not follow.
  • Stop your intake of medications which primarily will be blood-thinning medications.  If Dr. Tarugu performs the fine-needle aspiration procedure and you’re taking blood-thinner medication(s), your risk of bleeding increases which could lead to complications so be sure that you avoid the intake of blood-thinning medications if recommended by Dr. Tarugu.  Furthermore, Dr. Tarugu being made aware of your medical conditions is immensely important.  If you have conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, you will need to inform Dr. Tarugu of these issues as he’ll need to provide you with guidance and instructions on how to prepare for the EUS which again may include you not taking certain medications.
  • Bring a companion with you to your appointment for the Endoscopic Ultrasound as you’ll more than likely be under the influence of a sedative.  If you bring a companion to your appointment as a dedicated driver (your ride home), you could possibly be released after the completion of the procedure within 30 minutes.  If a dedicated driver is not available, Dr. Tarugu depending on your condition may hold you at the office until the sedative has worn off and you’re no longer impaired.  Once you’re good-to-go, a release form will be signed and you’ll be on your way.

What to expect during the Endoscopic Ultrasound

Dr. Tarugu implements the best practices to make the Endoscopic Ultrasound as painless and comfortable as possible for patients and with 20+ years of experience, each patient receives the best possible care which is provided using the most advanced technology and equipment within the medical field.

First and foremost, before the Endoscopic Ultrasound procedure begins, Dr. Tarugu will more than likely administer medication to help you relax which will you to be at ease during the procedure.  This medication will help to reduce unwanted anxiety, stress and nervousness and will make the appointment much easier to undergo while making it easier on Dr. Tarugu to perform the EUS.

During the Endoscopic Ultrasound procedure, Dr. Tarugu will make use of what’s known as a Endoscope (a very thin, small and flexible tube) which will pass through your mouth and into your digestive tract system.  Once completed, a second device called a Transducer (which is an ultrasound device) which in the Endoscope will allows Dr. Tarugu to produce sound waves which will produce imagery of the both surrounding tissues and lymph nodes located within the chest area.

Once these sound waves are produced and the inspection has been completed, Dr. Tarugu will then begin to remove the endoscope from the throat/digestive tract.

If Dr. Tarugu conducted the fine-needle aspiration in conjunction with the Endoscopic Ultrasound, Dr. Tarugu will use a second device which has curvature to it in design and will pass it into your digestive tract system.  This device is used for its ability to insert a very miniscule needle into the lymph nodes or tumors which allows Dr. Tarugu to detect further abnormalities or growths.

Abnormalities within the lymph nodes or tumors are able to be detected by Dr. Tarugu by the extraction of fluid(s) that are pulled from this tiny needle.  Once this fluid is extracted (if required) Dr. Tarugu and his team of medical professionals will conduct testing on the fluid to detect if cancer or diseases are present.

If an Endoscopic Ultrasound is conducted in conjunction with fine-needle aspiration the procedure will typically last for around an hour so you don’t need to be concerned with undergoing a long, drawn-out procedure.

Understanding the results of the Endoscopic Ultrasound

Dr. Tarugu is a specialist with over 20 years of experience in working with and treating digestive related diseases.  Dr. Tarugu has received extensive, specialized training in performing Endoscopic Ultrasound procedures and will be able to accurately assess and understand the images of your condition(s).  Should fine-needle aspiration can be included with your EUS procedure, a pathologist (a medical professional trained to analyze biopsies) will analyze and report back the results to Dr. Tarugu at which point you’ll be provided with the results.

Should findings or issues be recognized, Dr. Tarugu will immediately contact you to discuss the findings with you and to create a treatment plan.

Are you ready to see Dr. Tarugu for your Endoscopic Ultrasound treatment?

If you’re seeking the best West Palm Beach Endoscopic Ultrasound procedure doctor then you’ve found the right medical clinic and doctor.  Dr. Tarugu, the medical doctor and renowned Gastroenterologist who will be performing the Endoscopic Ultrasound has truly demonstrated his passion for patient care and his ability to successfully treat patients.

He’s the receiver of three aware which consists of the “On-Time Doctor Award”, the “Patients’ Choice Award” (which is awarded to doctors who receive high ratings from patients) and the “Compassionate Doctor Award” (which again is another award given only to doctors that receive high ratings and feedback from patients).

If you’re ready to begin your treatment with one of the best Gastroenterologists in Florida and want the assurance that you’re receiving the most effective treatment and procedures possible then visit Dr. Tarugu at his medical office located at:

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To contact Dr. Tarugu to schedule your first visit, his clinic can be contacted at 863-824-3447.