About Dr. Vikram Tarugu & Gastro In Florida

Dr. Vikram Tarugu, Florida Gastroenterologist

Practicing in West Palm Beach & Okeechobee, FL., Dr. Vikram Tarugu is an award-winning Gastroenterologist with board certification earned from both the “American Board of Internal Medicine” and the “American Board of Internal Medicine Sub-Specialty in Gastroenterology“.

Dr. Vikram Tarugu is a proficient medical professional specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive health complications. With over 20 years of in-the-field experience, 2,000+ procedures conducted, and 4,000 patients treated; Dr. Vikram Tarugu has been recognized as one of the best GI doctors, not only in the state of Florida in which he practices, but nationwide.

Early on as Dr. Tarugu embarked upon his medical career he understood that his passion for patient care could have a tremendous impact on the medical community and as such attended the prestigious “University of Mysore” where he was always ahead of the academic curriculum and graduated with honors.

Upon Dr. Vikram Tarugu’s completion of the undergraduate program he obtained his residency from SVMC (Sri Venkateswara Medical College) and then proceeded to attend his first internship in “Internal Medicine” which he participated in at the “New York Medical College” (a top-rated medical college).

Finally, Dr. Tarugu excelled in his fellowship program in Gastroenterology at the “University of MS” with specialized training in “Endoscopic Ultrasounds” being achieved from the “University of Montreal“. To excel his knowledge even further, and, to provide patients with more effective treatments, he underwent extensive, in-depth, and advanced training in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases which he obtained from the “Massachusetts General Hospital”.

Having worked with numerous medical groups, hospitals, treatment facilities and universities; Dr. Tarugu has the required experience and expertise to diagnose and treat an array of gastrointestinal health complications and his treatment has success has earned him many awards including the “Patients’ Choice Award”, the “On-Time Doctor Award”, and the “Compassionate Doctor Award”.

Such recognitions are highly sought after by medical professionals and Dr. Tarugu’s practice of medical treatment standards that are nothing short of excellent has earned him the reputation of being among the best at what he specializes in.

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